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Sometimes I worry about Crazy Flush turning into 50 Shades of Orange: The Comic which is what prompted me to try out some different plausible environment color schemes.

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“Mudkip” Mudkip mudkipped softly


"Blaziken!!" Blaziken blazikened loudly and punted Mudkip into orbit.

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Ghostbot backgrounds for “Sly Cooper 4”   I did the BGs in Flash and then Roman Laney, the art director, would soup them up with a PS pass

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"So, back in ancient times, when Vigil was just forming, and Darksiders was but a twinkle in our eye, we created a pitch for Sony to do a Sly Cooper game for PSP. Unfortunately, all I could find were these low res files, and there are a bunch missing which I will try to track down. Pretty different style for me, and incredibly fun. These were all done circa 2005. And obviously, all rights and characters belong to Sony, so don’t do anything crazy with these to get me in trouble."

All Art  © Joe Madureia

Just so you guys know, there could’ve been a Sly game for the PSP, here is a couple examples of concept and fan art and the such.

(Links to the albums on facebook, they have a few pictures I didn’t include in this photoset. 1 2)

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